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Cancellation Policy

At our writing company, we offer a variety of products not limited to “cancellation policy”. To enjoy such products, the client has to complete the ordering process. Our ordering process is quite straightforward. It begins with deciding about the specific product that you need.

You should then proceed to contact our client support team. You can skip this stage and directly proceed to fill the order form. When completing such a form, you have a chance to provide the specific instructions that you would like our experts to follow when producing your product. You might also have to create an account with us.

The last stage of the ordering process

Once you have provided the necessary details for your order, you will have to pay for it upfront. We mark an order that the client is yet to pay for fully as incomplete. Please note that we will not commence working on such an order until the client pays the due amount, see the Usage Policy.

Once you have paid for the order, we shall assign it to the most suitable expert. Assigning your order is subject to the availability of a professional that can satisfactorily execute it. The company reserves the right to deny service to any client/customer. If you pay your order and it so happens that we cannot deliver the  product, then you are entitled to a 100% refund.

Order cancellation policy

Sometimes it happens that the client/customer wishes to cancel an order. Cancellation of an order means that the customer/client is no longer in need of the ordered product. As highlighted below, we pay special attention to several unique situations concerning the cancellation of orders.

Cancellation of a duplicate order- There are times when a client orders more than the specific volume of a product they need. In such a situation, we permit the cancellation of the extra orders. If the client cancels such orders within the first hour of making them, then he/she is entitled to a 100% refund.

If the client makes such a cancelation when the order has already been assigned to an expert, then the percentage of the amount to be refunded may vary. Coming up with the amount of money to be refunded, fair compensation to the expert for the effort put in producing the product must be considered.

Cancellation of an order that one no longer needs

We do not allow cancellation of an order for the simple reason that one no longer needs it. If the client initiates this type of cancellation, then the amount to be refunded cannot be 100%. If an expert to tackle it has been assigned, a fair amount is be deducted when making a refund to compensate such an expert.

Cancellation due to poor quality

The professionals at our writing company/firm have the necessary qualifications to produce acceptable work. While we do not offer a grade guarantee, we promise our clients work that meets their academic levels. Should we fail to provide such work, the client is entitled to work revision.

Please note that initiating the order cancellation process, citing poor quality as the reason behind that initiation, without first requesting a revision, will lead to one forfeiting the amount paid. We encourage our clients to first request free revision before resorting to order cancellation.

Cancellation policy of a late order

We strive to deliver our clients’ products on or before the agreed deadlines. If we do not deliver your work on time and fail to communicate about such a late delivery in advance, you can initiate the order cancellation process. You are entitled to a full refund minus the transaction costs in such a situation.

Cancelation of the wrong order

It is possible to cancel your order if you have ordered the wrong product. However on lapse of time, full refund will not be granted if the “wrong order” has already been assigned to an expert.

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