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Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy guides how we use and process customer information at expertwritingonline.

The information we collect when you visit our website

When clients visit our website and fill out the order form or request the services, we gather personal information, such as

  • Contact information including name, email, and billing address
  • Order and payment details
  • Details of your visit to the website
  • Communication details between you and our support team

How we use your personal information

 At expertwritingonline, we prioritize your privacy and safeguard it at all costs. However, we can use your personal information to reach out to you to get your view on our services, your experience with our website, your view on our support team, and the ordering process.

Secondly, we use your information in transaction processing. However, be rest assured that we cannot disseminate or sell your confidential information to a third party.

Finally, at expertwritingonline, we use your information to send updates about our writing services and order processing. As our norm, we update you regularly on your order as it advances from one stage to another.

Client’s rights

When a user visits our website, you are guaranteed user rights as enshrined under the data protection law.

The first right to all our users is access. Every user has the right to access their personal information and its processing. They are also at liberty to ask for a copy of such information.

The second right of our website users like you is consent withdrawal. When users place an order or make payments via this website, they consent to our privacy terms authorizing our staff to collect and process their information. However, you have the right to withdraw this consent whenever you wish.

Thirdly, users have the right to ask the support team to verify the accuracy of the collected information and rectify it. The users can verify if the information we collected is accurate; however, if the gathered data is not valid, they also have the right to ask the support to update their information.

Users also have the right to file a data protection complaint if they feel that a website illegally processed confidential information, violating data protection laws.

Amendments to these privacy policies

Expertwritingonline teams have the right to update these privacy laws with time because of the changing privacy laws landscape. Our staff can also review these privacy policies to enhance data protection.

Secondly, whenever we amend these policies, our support shall disseminate the same to inform you of any considerable changes to these privacy policies through email.

The basis of our privacy policies

 Our privacy policy aligns with numerous legislative acts, such as Art.13/14 on the general data protection regulations by the European Union (EU). The policy applies exclusively to this website.

Users’ also ask:

 Can I delete the data collected on the website?

YES, it is possible. If you intend to delete your information collected by the website, you must contact our support and inform them of your personal data deletion request.

They will send you a form to fill out with your full name, email address, phone number, and address used to access the website to identify your account. It is also imperative to justify your data deletion request.

Privacy Policy: We value our clients’ privacy. Our entire team understands that clients’ personal details must be treated with utmost care. By visiting our site, you agree to adhere to guidelines that have been outlined on this page. Highlighted below is our privacy policy.

The details that we collect

Once you visit our website, there are details that we collect from you. We can request you to provide such details for us or collect them automatically. Some of the details that we might request you to provide are your name, mobile number, and e-mail address, among others. If you need to create an account with us, we may ask for additional information. These personal details help us in confirming the identity of our clients.

Information that we collect automatically from our clients

There is information that we automatically collect once you visit our site. We use cache to collect such information. Nonetheless, it is noted that the use of cache is subject to approval from the client. If you reject the use of this technology in the automatic collection of personal information, then there are parts of our website that you may not be able to access. The details that we might collect using cache include the type of device used to access our site, the specific type of browser, the duration of the visit, the specific pages visited, and the location of access. The collection of these details enables us to improve our products and clients’ experience on our website.

Reasons why we collect personal information from our clients

We do not collect personal information just for the sake of it. There are several reasons why we collect such information. First, we collect personal information so that we can offer our various products. Secondly, we gather such personal details to make targeted marketing campaigns. Most importantly, we do it as a way of complying with the law.

Sharing of clients’ personal information

The interests of the clients come first in relation to their personal information. As a result of this, we always seek their consent before sharing it with any third party. There are, nonetheless, some unique conditions when we might share the information without such consent. One of such scenarios is when the law compels us to share it. Additionally, when sharing such information in an aggregated format. When shared in such a manner, the information ceases to be personal as it cannot be traced back to any specific individual.

Storing of private details

We are responsible for ensuring that we store the information that we collect from clients safely. At our writing company, we store such information in such a way that it is inaccessible to unauthorized personal. Also, we do not keep it for any longer than necessary.

Modification of this privacy policy

This company reserves the right to update this privacy policy as it sees fit. The clients must visit this page from time to time to familiarize themselves with any changes that may have been made to this policy.

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