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Revision and Refund Policy

Revision and Refund Policy:- When a person visits an online shop to purchase a good or service, they expect the best. Online writing services are on the front line to ensure efficacy and accuracy, most especially expertwritingonline.

Our reliability on service delivery

  • We are an online writing website where we strive to ensure every client receives the best of what they need.
  • When you reach out to us with a request for quality help, we understand that we are responsible for delivering excellent services and at the right time. We, therefore, strive to meet all your requirements.
  • According to our money-back guarantee policy, you are entitled to a partial or full refund should any of your commitments be violated.
  • More so, at expertwritingonline, we provide the best revision for your work, as this is a reliable policy that governs our service delivery. Therefore, you can be confident of getting the best services from us, relevant revisions, and even refunds.

Our revision & refund policy

As our client, we know that you wish to feel content and confident regarding our services. To ascertain the best services, we have the best revision and refund policy at hand. Also read our terms and conditions.

Our guarantee

Expertwritingonline is a reliable firm that has a revision & money-back guarantee policy in place to give you the right to demand a review of your work and even a refund of your money.

Why would this happen?

If we fail to meet your demands, requesting reimbursement is allowed. Fortunately for our clients, this is a rare occurrence. At expertwritingonline, we provide relevant and legitimate writing assistance to ensure 100% satisfaction. As a result, our satisfaction rate is relatively high, with more than 95% of our clients returning with consequential orders. Nonetheless, human is to err. You are permitted to refer to our revision policy or refund policy when things get out of hand. However, only a few situations lead to a full refund.

Situations that lead to revisions or full money refund

You may inquire for instant revision or refund on different occasions. At expertwritingonline, this is what can compel us to revise your work or commence a refund.

Failure to assign an expert;

Though this is a rare situation, if your work fails to be assigned to any writer, we refund 100%. We can, however, revise your work if an expert handles it late hence mistakes. If you cancel an order when an expert is confirmed, in this case, your work will not undergo revision, but we cover the effort of our company by offering a 70% refund.

Late service delivery;

At expertwritingonline, this only happens when the expert working on an order falls sick or faces an emergency. We take the responsibility to revise your work to perfection, should the expert haste through the placed order. We refund a suitable amount to compensate for the late delivery of our services.

Dispute claims;

If this happens, we will understand that you aren’t satisfied with our services. Many clients prefer getting a refund from their service providers, and in this case, we investigate to justify your request. Expertwritingonlinecan approve or deny your request regarding the investigation’s results.

Accidental duplicate order;

At times, the impossible happens, and a client receives an accidental duplicate order. We may not revise or cancel the order; until you clarify that the other order is invalid. If an expert is assigned before you clarify the cancellation, revision or refund of money will not be granted. In this case, you may pay twice, whereby you must inform us immediately to get a full refund for the duplicate order.

Plagiarism detection;

If your work has plagiarism, immediate revision commences. We use Turnitin to review plagiaries; therefore, we need a Turnitin report to support your claim. We cannot revise or make a refund without a report. Also see the plag check tool.

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